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Welcome to COTACOCO

We’re a couple of passionate soles dedicated to carrying the most exclusive designers and showcasing the latest trends

Welcome to Cotacoco

How to start

       I started out as a professional wedding photographer in 2004, In year 2012 I found job at Jewelry company as Product photographer and tech/graphic designer. During my 4 years at this company I took photos of items for the uses of website and catalogs business. And most of time I made Jewelry by technical design to present to market. I researched  current market to read better on fashion trends and uniqueness to strength in design. I developed many different styles and functions with stones, fabrics, metals, any materials that can be used to make Jewelry.  After working 4 years for this industry I found joy and happiness designing Jewelry and decided to run my own shop, with the experience in design and photography I had confidence in me that I could be a one of designer who can make Jewelry that anyone can wear for everyday with slight edge and bit of shimmer to their outfit. And also with my background in wedding industry I know what will be the best for your wedding. I hope you find something you love and let me know if you have any questions. 

Our collections are modern pieces that are beautiful, meaningful, and timeless. We are passionate about providing pieces that are handmade, dainty, delicate, and special. Our proposition is simple: to offer beautifully designed jewelry that are on-trend, high quality, and of good value.

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